Service Updates

24/04/2017 - 11.00
  • Some users are receiving a "Critical Error" when trying to add an Endorser or when trying to view an Application to Endorse. If this happens please call The NISCC. 

We have 2 alternatives for this at present.

1. The first is for us to remove the current endorser and have the applicant select a different user to endorse

2. We can remove the endorser which would allow applicants to access the form to print out a copy and send to the endorser directly, we would then reinstate the endorser where they could submit the form online.

Note: 24/04/17: This issue is with our External Suppliers and is being investigated as a top priority


27/03/2017 - 13.00

  • Some users are receiving an error "account incorrectly setup" if you receive this message please contact the customer service team.
Note: 29/03/17: This issue should now be resolved